About Nana

I have enjoyed creating things for as long as I can remember. My grandmothers both did beautiful handwork: tatting, crocheting, knitting and embroidery. My mother did cross-stitch and sewing, so I grew up appreciating hand-made items. Durning the 3rd grade I was making clothes for my dolls and in the 5th grade I started making things to sell to my friends at school and I just never quit. I love creating special, custom gifts for people!


I have two grown girls and they both have two children, each a boy and a girl. My family is very important to me and I love spending time with them! My girls got the creative bug from me, but not to the extent it got me and in different areas. When my girls were growing up, I made most of their clothes.


My professional career was in teaching, I taught children Pre-K through high school age. Then my career moved into administration. I was in charge of a new immigrant program for families & students new to the United States, teaching them English and helping them learn what was needed to live in the community. I have been a school principal for children Pre-K through 8th grade. I ended my career at a Junior College level as a director of Student Services. All throughout this time, I was also playing the piano and organ and was a church organist for churches in the communities I lived in. My crafting slowed down a lot during this period of my life simply because I didn't have as much time to devote to it. But I never quit.


 It was toward the end of my "working" career that I moved into quilting instead of garment sewing. I again found a true passion for this. The more I quilted though, I found I wanted to be the one to be able to complete my work with longarm quilting. I took the plunge and purchased a longarm computerized quilting machine and my quilting business was born! As this began to grow I decided I needed to add machine embroidery. I now have 3 embroidery machines, my domestic sewing machine to construct quilts and my computerized longarm machine on a 10' table.


I can design various patterns with my computer, but I also enjoy designing custom designs on a quilt without the aid of my computer. The sky is the limit of what I can create with all my tools and I enjoy every project I make!

This is my Happy Place and I'm so glad you've found me!
Let's get to creating together - Gayla "Nana"